A Little About Kiley Jane


I am a proud wife and momma of 3 teenage boys, Landyn, Keaton & Wesley. I love to laugh, go camping, and spend time with my family! Photography is my passion and I love capturing memories for my clients while getting to know each one of them. I believe that everyone deserves the best photographs and they should not have to break the bank to get them. I try to keep this in mind during every session I do. As your photographer, I want every client to walk away with photographs that for years down the road can say... I remember THAT session, I remember WHO took that photograph and we had so much FUN capturing those memories!

I have branded myself around my Papa Troy, that passed away suddenly in 2014. He was a small business owner of Smith Tire Company for a number of years. The motto he chose to run his shop by was "Customer service is Key". I too want my business to built around this inspiring value! AWESOME customer service is what I want to provide! I want your experience to be amazing... all the way from the capturing of your memories, the easy ordering, and even the delivery should be great!

I like for all my sessions to be unique and for them to represent who I am photographing. If there is anything that you would like to incorporate into your session but, you feel like it may be "outside the box" just know those are the ones I enjoy the most!! Never hesitate to ask because if there is a way, I will do my best to make it happen! :0)

Live, Laugh & Keep Smilin' xoxo